Forgotten Fling Fling

Forgotten Fling

“While looking for tunes to use on the CD Ceol Chill na Martra, my daughter Áine thought of this tune ‘A Fling’, which I had composed previous to that and had forgotten.  So, I decided to call it the Forgotten Fling.”

An Flaing Dearmadta

“Le linn dom a bheith ar thóir poirt le taifead do Cheol Chill na Martra,  chuir m’iníon Áine an ceann seo i gcuimhne dom.  Port isea é a bhí cumtha agam ach ligthe i ndearmad faoin dtráth sin.  Bheartaíos ar An Flaing Dearmadta a thabhairt air.”

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Forgotten Fling


Interactive Score:

If you can’t see the score, get the Sibelius Scorch plug-in here. Created using Sibelius.