Mouth of the Glen Reel

 Mouth of the Glen

“This is a mountain pass where the road leads from Cill na Martra to Béal Átha an Ghaorthaidh.  If you look back on your way through the pass there is a spectacular view of Cill Na Martra and beyond.”

Béal an Ghleanna

“Is é seo an bearna sléibhe trína dtéann an bóthar as Cill na Martra go Béal Átha an Ghaorthaidh.  Má fhéachann tú trín mbearna seo, tá radharc do-chreidte ar Chill na Martra agus i bhfad níos sia.”

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Mouth of the Glen


Interactive Score:

If you can’t see the score, get the Sibelius Scorch plug-in here. Created using Sibelius.